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Vacuum Days

Vacuum Days

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Vacuum Days is the first publication from Storythings, a book based on the online project by renowned UK artist, writer and theatre director Tim Etchells (

Throughout 2011, Vacuum Days created online announcements like playbills for a rolling programme of imaginary events. Spelled out in overzealous capitals and small print, the project web site was updated each day in a process of call and response with unfolding political situations and events.

In this beautiful published version of Vacuum Days, Etchells’ explores the zone of sensationalist media, news-as-pornography, hyped-up current affairs, Internet spam, twitter gossip and tabloid headlines. Vacuum Days – a Dadaist year book of sorts – conjures a set of caustic, farfetched, unlikely, absurd and uncomfortable performances, lectures, contests, fights, film screenings and other forms of public display.

As a comical and bitterly mischievous parody of sometimes shocking news events, Vacuum Days is only suitable for mature readers, and should not be purchased by the easily-offended.

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